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Maximize organization with the most widely used Lost and Found Tracking Software on the market today. Reconnecting lost objects with their owners for over 15 years!

Returnity-The Original

Returnity is the core of the Returnity Software programs and as with all of the products, Returnity is Menu-driven to enhance ease of use.  When adding a new Lost or Found entry, item details are entered into a new, case specific Case Detail Form that is customizable to your environment, including Photo Attachment possibilities, change of Item Types and change of Location specifics.  Once you have established your establishments parameters, new item entry is a breeze. 

Loaded with a variety of unique features, one of Returnity's best is Auto Record Matching.  When a new Lost or Found Case is entered, Returnity automatically searches the database for possible corresponding entries, based on a predetermined combination of color, serial number, location, size or make.  Administrators can set the time-frame that the search entails.

All Returnity Software Products are Windows based, with no additional software purchases necessary. Returnity operates in conjunction with MicroSoft Access x32. A Runtime version will be provided when needed.

Additional Features:

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Returnity PLUS

Returnity PLUS has all of the features of The Original Returnity, PLUS:

Returnity PLUS Online

Your Returnity is Online!!

Returnity PLUS Online transforms a fine Returnity product into a highly affordable property management system suitable for a host of Campus, Hotel, Resort and other Safety/Security departments.

Returnity PLUS Online PR

As you can imagine, Returnity PLUS Online PR has all of the incredible features previously discussed, however this version has PR, Property Registration.   A favorite of College Campuses, Resorts, Time-Shares and anywhere extended time may be spent, the Property Registration feature allows users to Register their valuables in the program in case of loss.

Registration Features:


A complete software application specifically designed for Hospitals and other Institutions where property is held for later return to its owner or other authorized party.

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A complete software application specifically designed for Management of Property that is assigned to, rented, or otherwise distributed to Employees, Individuals, or Customers.

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From Satisfied Customers:

"I have worked with your product ... and believe your system is fantastic. The Returnity program has improved our Lost & Found by 100%" – Security Officer, Hawaii Hotel

"Returnity has turned out to be one of the best purchasing decisions we have made in the last decade" – Manager, Southeastern University

Returnity Online:

"We are getting more passenger feedback on our web site. They all agree that it is totally awesome and helpful to be able to view items received and the ability to leave their information for lost items." – Airport Administrator

Returnity Software

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