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Are you responsible for managing property for airports, amusement parks, arenas, casinos, condominium, colleges, cruise ships, hospitals, hotels, inns, lodges, malls, museums, resorts, special events, stadiums,time-share, transit systems, universities or zoos? The Property by Returnity is right for you!

PROPERTY by Returnity

Welcome to Property by Returnity, a complete software application specifically designed for management and tracking of property assigned to, rented, or otherwise distributed to employees, other individuals, or customers. Also a great tool to manage your inventory for special events.

Property by Returnity provides the capability to manage all property types or inventories and to know the status of any item of property at any time.  You can readily see the location, age, use and repair history of any specific item and of its property class, as well as,upon employee transfer or termination, recall records of all property items held by the individual.

All Returnity Software Products are Windows based, with no additional software purchases necessary. Returnity operates in conjunction with MicroSoft Access x32. A Runtime version will be provided when needed.

Additional Features:

Main Menu Registration Transaction History Property Kit Property Repair Overdue Propery Age Property Deployment Property Status Property Held Property by Department Property Cycles Repair History Property Photos Email Template Contact List

From Satisfied Customers:

"I have worked with your product ... and believe your system is fantastic. The Returnity program has improved our Lost & Found by 100%" – Security Officer, Hawaii Hotel

"Returnity has turned out to be one of the best purchasing decisions we have made in the last decade" – Manager, Southeastern University

Returnity Online:

"We are getting more passenger feedback on our web site. They all agree that it is totally awesome and helpful to be able to view items received and the ability to leave their information for lost items." – Airport Administrator

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