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ValChecks will instill confidence in your Client's time of need by guaranteeing the security of their belongings. Established Accountability with ValChecks in place will put them at ease.

Welcome to ValChecks by Returnity

A complete software application specifically designed for hospitals and other institutions where property is held for later return to its owner or other authorized party, ValChecks would be a major asset towards your Security Department. Use of ValChecks software demonstrates that you are serious and diligent about managing held property and about returning property to its rightful owner. You have a track record, including property record details and dates, from the time that property is received until its final release or disposal. You have a complete record of all registered property.

Stop struggling with a ledger or a spreadsheet!

ValChecks software affords you an opportunity to better serve the public by bringing organization to the difficult manual process of dealing with held and/or registered property. For the first time, know with certainty what property has been registered or is being held, what property has been released and to whom, and what property has been disposed. For the first time, be able to respond at once to inquiries about held property.

All Returnity Software Products are Windows based, with no additional software purchases necessary. Returnity operates in conjunction with MicroSoft Access x32. A Runtime version will be provided when needed.

Product Features:

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From Satisfied Customers:

"I have worked with your product ... and believe your system is fantastic. The Returnity program has improved our Lost & Found by 100%" – Security Officer, Hawaii Hotel

"Returnity has turned out to be one of the best purchasing decisions we have made in the last decade" – Manager, Southeastern University

Returnity Online:

"We are getting more passenger feedback on our web site. They all agree that it is totally awesome and helpful to be able to view items received and the ability to leave their information for lost items." – Airport Administrator

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